1. Great points Marc! My mother-in-law and I were taking about this in great detail yesterday. She is a realtor for Maxwell Realty in Calgary, who are just about to do a large rebranding including their logo. Some are not happy about this change so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    1. Thanks for reading it Leanna! What are your thoughts about Maxwell “rebranding”?

      1. I’m not too familiar with the kind of branding they have or what they’re striving for. I noticed that their website needs updating. I think it will be very hard for all the realtors under the umbrella of Maxwell as they will need to change all their business cards, signs, ect. When you see companies who want to rebrand it seems like the first step, and sometimes the only step, they like to take is to change the logo and the look of their website. You’ve made great points about the other side of branding which also incorporates rethinking your strategy, position, performance, ect. A brand is an emotion and when rebranding there are so many important things to rethink including messaging and target markets. I believe that it can be almost as simple as leaving the logo to the last step. Once you completely understand your new brand and strategy, you should then look at the logo and decide whether or not it is still fitting with the new brand.

        1. I think you’re absolutely right about leaving the logo to the end. Its an easy thing to change at then end once all the really hard work, changing behavior, is completed.

          Thanks for adding your opinion!!! It’s very valuable.

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