Self-Directed Learning Project In Brand Growth

My resolution for this year is to get smrter by putting myself through a self-directed learning course focusing on brand growth, sales, marketing and innovation.  Below is the full course outline including learning objectives, schedule and 50 of the best business books ever.



Among other things, I plan on reading 25 of the best business books in one year. What are your favorite business books?  Are there any that I missed on my list?


  1. Hey Marc,

    That’s an amazing plan. I’m looking forward to reading your synopsis each week.

    1. that’s really cool. Thanks for the heads up Angela!

  2. Marc, an amazing programme. Thanks to thatangela for the DMS information.
    I would recommend Tim Ferris’s trilogy – 4 Hour Work Week, 4 Hour Body and 4 Hour Chef as excellent reading. How to be healthy, wealthy and wise with a good dose of meta-learning thrown in
    Best regards

    1. Thanks for checking it out John. I’ve got 4 hour work week on my list for 2014:)

  3. […] Marc has designed a “Self Directed Learning Project” which is akin to a self designed MBA which he is under taking in 2013.  You can find out more about it on his Blog at The Sleeping Barber – […]

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