Q&A with John Jantsch – Duct Tape Marketing

The following are my notes from the question and answer period last night at John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing presentation.

Question: What do you mean by creating a total web presence?

The internet and specifically your website is the hub of a brand.  The more links that exist to direct people back to your website the better.  There are hundreds of free link building profile sites out there that every business should contribute to.  Here are just a few examples

Youtube – create you own channel
Linkedin – connect to a business network
Facebook – duh.  create a page or join groups
Entrepreneur – connect with other business minded people

Question: Your system seems to focus the business owner on their marketing by getting them to identify and utilize their existing resources ie. web presence and improving their existing lead conversion rates.   What role do traditional media platforms like magazines have for business owners?

If your ideal client uses a particular type of media, then it’s a great place to advertise and connect with that ideal customer.  As always, your goal should be to drive this client towards your online digital assets and interact with you there.

One of the most important parts of traditional media is that you can control when your message is broadcast.

Question: Does email marketing have a role?

Absolutely.    Email marketing can be one of the most responsive mediums…if you have built trust with your ideal customer.

Question: What are your thoughts about Groupon or other Group Discount coupons?

These types of group discount coupons can be a great tool for exposure if you can do two things.  #1 can you attract significant amounts of new customers?  #2 Make sure that you can turn that new customer into repeat business.

Question: What are the future trends that business owners should be looking at?

Location based services and devices.   These types of things ie. gowalla, urban spoon, yelp are often dismissed by small businesses because of their novelty and fringe feel.  However, business owners should be try to understand the behaviour behind them.  People are sharing their interests with their social networks in a very hyperlocal fashion.

Mobile.   The amount of mobile smartphone use is significant and is increasing.  Dozens of Augmented Reality applications exist and are changing the way consumers interact with their environment, find businesses, rate and review service and share with friends.  (If you’ve got an iPhone, download Yelp and walk down any street with the monocle turned on to see what i mean…or check out this video)

Mobile Payments.  Anyone with a smartphone can now Bump mobile payments through Paypal to another person.  Businesses owners can recieve $1000s of dollars without having to open their till or pay for a monex machine.  Check out this video

Other thoughts and Links

Open Forum – top 5 trends in 2011 for small business owners article by John Jantsch
CRM – we’ll need to start including social activities of our customers in your database
Flowtown – submit a list of email addresses to this company and they’ll return your contact list including the contact’s social presence and score your contacts based on their social influence
Klout – scores your social influence and categorizes your contribution to social networks.  You can search for others as well.  I scored a 5.

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