Gary Vanerchuk: Technology Doesn’t have Feelings

Gary’s got a great way of delivering information so that anyone can understand.
I 100% agree that media is changing. I also agree 100% that this change takes time. Yes, some traditional media platforms like magazines, newspaper, yellow pages etc. are in fatal nosedives or have been eliminated altogether. Conversely, many social media tools have yet to reach their expected widescale adoption.
In either case, there are many reasons to use both types of new and old media. According to the CMUST study, TV and Radio still occupy about 60-70% of the average consumer’s media time per week.  Internet usage is growing and is the 3rd major player in a Canadian consumer’s media time.
Today, social media platforms like facebook and twitter have grown enough to be recognized by mass audiences.  However, the fact that millions of people use twitter does not mean that your brand can reach a mass audience just by creating a twitter account.   As Gary would agree, it takes hard work, hustle and time to build and connect to a community that cares about you.

In my opinion, all brands and businesses need to start this building process.

While your building your social media community, you can access the mass audiences of relevant traditional media platforms like TV and Radio to accelerate your own social media growth.

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