GLEE – My happy exploration into a modern integrated media brand

I am totally fascinated by this show.  I’ll admit it’s entertaining, but what I’m really amazed by is the BRAND of Glee & how it connects to it’s consumers.

The show is broadcast on Fox TV – a mass media & traditional media platform.  In the old days, this would have been the end of the story.  Back then, you had to wait for the following week or season to see the next episode.   Today, I can go to the Glee microsite on Fox to see previously aired episodes.

Once at the microsite, a consumer/fan can do so much more! (Insert Vince the SlapChop sales guy voice playing over and over in my head)  Here’s some other things I (or at least a person with a USA IP address) can do from the website.

  1. watch, share & rate previous episodes (Google TV is coming)
  2. watch, share & rate clips
  3. look at, share and rate photos of my favorite stars/episodes
  4. search and join in conversations about the show 
  5. take personality quizes.  As a bonus, I can connect to my facebook network to decode special things
  6. upload my own photo
  7. download a Glee iPhone App that turns my phone into a Karoke device where I can practice, share and compete against all other players
  8. Download wallpapers for my computer / smartphone
  9. sign up for a newsletter
  10. watch the original casting calls
  11. interact with the sponsors in fun ways and connect those fun experiences to my friends via Facebook (try the slushie and insults)
  12. connect to Glee’s Facebook, Twitter & Youtube channel
THIS IS JUST ON THE FOX WEBSITE!  Not enough?   I’m gonna throw in the Graty & a ShamWow for free.  iTunes has a few other items to help consumers/fans get their Glee on…
  1. albums
  2. songs 
  3. TV seasons 
  4. TV episodes
  5. no less than 4 iPhone Apps
  6. 1 iPAD app
  7. Podcasts
  8. Audiobooks
  9. Ping
Other similar products sell for $39.95 and they’re really hard to clean.  But if you buy right now I’ll sell you the Slapchop AND the Graty for only $19.95 + S&H.  I can’t do this all day so you got to buy now. All you “gleeks” out there stand by for these amazing offers…
  1. books
  2. video games
  3. karoke machines
  4. Glee branded talent shows
  5. Glee Cast Concerts
  6. 3D movie
  7. Board games
  8. Puzzles
  9. Tshirts
  10. Script Music
  11. Lunch bags
  12. cards
  13. any other bit of shwag you can imagine
Brands today have an unprecedented ability to create an incredible consumer/fan experience.   Yes, the TV show is the main platform to broadcast the message, Glee is a clear example of the consumer’s desire to connect, communicate and share with the favourite brands…on their own terms and timeline.
What touch points are you using to connect your brand?  
Here’s a few sites you may find useful

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