3 Months, 400 tweets, 100 Twitter Followers – What I’ve learned so far

What’s Twitter Anyway? (taken from their site)

Twitter is an information network made up of 140-character messages called Tweets. It’s a new and easy way to discover the latest news (“what’s happening”) related to subjects you care about.

What I’ve done (in social media)

  • 3 months ago I started content marketing almost daily on multiple social media platforms (facebook, linkedin, twitter, youtube, blogspot, digg) 
  • I’ve tried to link most of these platforms together 
  • I get much of my twitter content from iPhone apps called Mashable, Ad-ology, Mprofs and tweet google articles
  • have built a database of about 300 clients that I email with articles that I write every 3 weeks or so

Why I’m doing it (social media that is)

  • SM is a new marketing platform that I need to know as a marketer
  • i’m hoping to use social media to develop new prospects
  • to be able to integrate social media strategies for my radio clients
  • when someone googles “calgary marketing” I want to show up 1st in the results

What I’ve learned so far (in no particular order)

  • Social media isn’t a magic bullet
  • it takes lots of work to maintain social media sites 
  • i don’t really like using facebook for business
  • My blog is the best place to post my ideas
  • getting recommendations on linkedin is important.  it’s akin to an online consumer review
  • it’s been 3 months and I’ve just started to meet some people
  • I’m having better conversations with my regular clients and feel like I’m being seen as a resource
  • I’ve learned LOTS about marketing and communication
  • “tweeting” hasn’t replaced cold calling, I still have to do it
  • More and more prospects say tell me that they appreciate my articles & ideas
  • I’ve got more ideas & am building better marketing plans for clients
  • ping.fm, seesmic, tweetdeck are useful programs to help access & contribute social media content 
  • twellow is a cool site to find local twitter users in your area
  • http://bit.ly/ is a site to shrink links for twitter

    What I’m going to learn (in no particular order)

    • use more #hashtags
    • tag more people in twitter
    • How to better leverage my existing SM platforms
    • how to use twitter lists
    • how to connect with more people

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