Trust Me. I’m an honest Sales Person.

In conversations I’ve had with many clients I understand that Word of Mouth (WOM) advertising is the best kind of advertising.  (irony noted) 
So I asked myself, Why?
In short it’s because of trust.  According to the Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey of over 25,000 Internet consumers from 50 countries, WOM advertising is important because it is the most trusted form of advertising.   Interestingly, right behind WOM, sits online reviews posted by strangers.  You can have a look for your own business here  It’s a relatively new site but I’m sure the customer participation will grow quickly.

Online review sites are everywhere,,, name only a few an cover all industries.   Because of these sites, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for a brand to convince a consumer that it can be trusted.  For most consumers, the brand has to earn that trust.  Here’s an article that highlights my point. –
So I asked myself another question, why is trust important for a brand anyway?
According to one source, when consumers trust a brand they
  • Recommend it to other people
  • Use those products and services frequently
  • Will look to it first for things they want
  • Will give it’s new products and services a try first
  • Pay more for it’s products and services
Basically when consumers trust a brand, they buy more, try more and pay more for it.
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