Secrets of Integrated Marketing

The amazing part of this video is that it has been viewed over 700,000 times.

Imagine your business. You’ve got computers. You’ve got a cell phone with a web cam. Maybe even a staff member who’s got a modern computer and has put a video on facebook or youtube. You may have even published a video of a wedding, a party, a hockey game yourself. You’ve got a marketing budget.  you know some of your traditional media works, but are questioning if your marketing mix is the best it can be. 
In my opinion, you’ve already got a couple of holes punched on your social media VIP coffee card. what you really have are… resources.

  1. You understand that business is about relationships. 
  2. you have the digital and human resources to build, connect to and create a social network of business connections
  3. you have the ability to use radio and/or television as accelerators for your business & social networks

as of 2010, we know the average consumer spends their daily media time pretty evenly in an average day.  1/3 TV, 1/3 Radio, 1/3 internet.  In less than 10 years, (yes the same 10 years you plan on being in business)  the average 35-54 year old will probably be spend between 50-80% of their daily media time connected online.

TV and Radio are the best traditional media platforms to launch the next 10 year phase of your social  marketing & consumer communication plan.    use traditional media to as an accelerator to grow your social media network.

Here is why I think social media will be so great.  Social media allows you to broadcast yourself on 2 way communication platforms…in writing, on video, voice, or images.  Eventually, you could bypass paid traditional media platforms.  it allows anyone to selfpublish on a scale as big or bigger than a Superbowl, NBC, National Rogers Radio, The New York Times or the Calgary Herald.   A growing majority of consumers use social media platforms like Urbanspoon, rate mds or youtube to access content and reviews about virtually every single consumer choice on the planet.

Very soon, I will have access to the worlds collective knowledge in one hand.  Google has just launched a mindreading software application called instinct to make it easier & faster for me to find the exact information that i want.  any idea, thought, opinion, personality can be found on my iphone.  I can connect with any community for business.  Consumers like justin Beiber, the Julie & Julia girl, the shit My Dad says guy have created brands. In the reverse communication direction, the Old Spice guy connected the brand to consumers.

People like raywilliamjohnson,  mysteryguitarman and charlie will be next.  Wait, What, WHO?  tone is really hard to pick up in righting, so read this next sentence with as much attitude as you can muster.  seriously, who are they?

well, they all look like their around 25.  They all look like they make videos of themselves in their bedroom.   Combined they have over 630,000,000 views and 3 million subscribers.  And it looks like they all did that from their house.   Here’s what I asked myself…Seriously?   all of us have those same tools.  the only real difference is that they are (what Seth Godin would call) doing marketing

Now back to me….I’ve got 2 tickets to that thing you wanted and NOW,  they’re diamonds.

I want to talk to you….if you’re interested.

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