Bink’s personal views on marketing and media

Here’s some random thoughts.  Let me know if you have ideas on how to better connect them together.
  1. Many people hate marketing and Marketers
  2. Advertising works
  3. The history of advertising has been to interrupt people’s entertainment 
  4. The future of advertising is about connecting and contributing to communities on multiple platforms
  5. Not all media is priced appropriately.  While I agree that that the Yellow Pages can work, the cost of advertising in it is ridiculously high for the number of people who actually use it.
  6. Each media type offers a unique platform to communicate from.
  7. These platforms are most effective when connected together by bridges (The USP)
  8. The more senses (sight, taste, touch, hear, smell) you can communicate to, the more effective your message and therefore brand will become.
  9. Marketing is the strategy and Advertising is the execution
  10. Passion & Connection wins.  
  11. The best marketing plan that I’ve seen is this…CARE
  12. The second best marketing plan that I’ve seen aligned all resources to a multi platform plan according to useage
  13. Marketers are not normal.  we turn up commercials.
  14. Today, every person has the ability to my publish & broadcast themselves. 
  15. Marketing is hard to measure. 
  16. The consumer purchasing journey is normal.  trigger, initial consideration set, active evaluation to add more options, purchase, post-purchase evaluation, re-trigger, loyalty loop.
  17. Every media type has a use. 

Yellow Pages – lumps your business services alongside your competition, in every category, to reach an older consumer who “needs it fixed right now”.  Less than 5% of daily media time is spent here and shrinking.
Newsprint – allows you to visually display a brand alongside editorial content of yesterday’s news.  has a aging demographic of “coupon clippers”.  Seriously, I wonder what the adspace to content ratio is.  Accounts for about 10% of daily media time and shrinking.
Radio – The original real time communication platform.  at it’s best, gives you the ability to target any demographic by audio in their minds eye.  At worst, it’s an unmeasurable Johnny Fever pimpin’ product.  With online streaming added in, about 30% of peoples daily media time is spent here.
Direct Mail –  visually interrupts a person at home with your product samples/logo/mesage in a postal code.  1% rate of return is optimistic.  Less than 1%
TV – Bruce said it….57 Channels and nothing on.  “the boss” is only partially right.  On my tv, it’s more like 400 channels and something’s on.  Mostly on my PVR.  TV is arguably the most powerful medium up until now.  I read somewhere that The Final Epsiode of I Love Lucy had 70% of the american audience watching it compared to 17% of the final episode of the current reigning champion…American Idol.   Average daily media time spent 30%
Internet – Real time platform 2.0.  If radio is the James Brown of media, then internet is the baby Huey.  Canadians already spend about 20% of our daily media time with this medium, but are limited to high speed access.  What happens when the internet is as pervasive as electricity?  The ways that we can communicate with eachother (email, text, social media, geotargeting, game play, consumer reviews)  changes almost as fast as the devices that we communicate with (commodore 64, desktop computers, sony walkman, Android, iPADs, google TV).   
Outdoor – Billboards, bus wraps, building signage.  To make an impact, it’s either “power to the people” good or it’s about size & locations…the more the better
one other amazing facts…
Did you know that some preying mantis’ can catch and eat small mice?

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