What can I do for you?

During my 2nd year of university (1994), I took an elective called Introduction to Computers. At that time, the professor was using an overhead for most of his lectures and discused bizzare & forgetable things like C++ and Fortran. However, there was one day that sticks out like a polar bear on a tropical island.

From the back of the lecture hall, I distinctly remember staring at my prof’s George Carlin-like, balding head and long ponytail while listening to his deep gruff voice tell us “uh, class, what we’re going to talk about today is this thing called the World Wide Web” What and where is this web, I thought? Everyone I knew in school was still going to the library’s card catalogues to search for the books they needed.

He proceeded, “on the internet, you can communicate and share information with people from anywhere in the world with this other thing called email. It’s the next big thing” I quickly evaluated the lecture notes and decided that the only people I needed to communicate with were my roomates so that I didn’t get locked out of the house again.

Then my prof magically connected his new laptop to a projector and navigated around some strange program called “hotmail” while I drifted in an out of sleep.

In 16 years, a lot has changed. Especially consumers. Attached and online at http://www.slideshare.net/MarcBinkley I’ve summarized the key points of the new consumer decision journey from a multinational study of over 20,000 consumers conducted by McKinsey Quarterly. The full pdf is here http://www.marketingritson.com/documents/theconsumerdecisionjourney.pdf

If this study is as accurate as I believe it is, then you too are changing the way that you shop for & evaluate your media buying. Beside my name you’ll find a list of icons where I archive content that relates to marketing and advertising. I’ve made a promise to myself to continually update the content for my clients which you can share and comment on. If there is anything that you’d like me to research, I’m happy to do it for you. Which leads me to one last question….

What can I do for you?


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