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I didn’t get it. Facebook for business? What brilliant 140 character message can I Tweet? I couldn’t understand how social media works for business. However, according to the Fleishman-Hillard 2010 Digital Influence Index nearly 70% of Canadians have a Facebook account and 85% have heard of Twitter. I reckon it’s time I learn.

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I saw Gary Vanerchuck at a conference. I’ve attached a link to his presentation notes here Gary made a compelling argument to all the marketers present, that wether we ‘get it’ or not, doesn’t really matter. Social Media is the new marketing language and as such, anyone worth their salt had to learn to speak it. So I decided I should read his book, “why now is the time to CRUSH IT!”.

Here are a couple of highlights from his book and below that, a few examples (local ones too) of businesses that are “CRUSHING IT”

  • with social media the best marketing strategy ever: CARE, authenticity rules
  • choose a medium that suits your DNA ie. video, word blogs, twitter, flickr
  • get involved in the community that your passionate about

  1. Figure out what your passionate about
  2. Register at and Start a website to display your passion
  3. start a blog (wordpress, tumblr, google blogs)
  4. Get a web designer if you can afford it. The better your site is designed, the ‘stickier’ it is
  5. If video is your communication vehicle, get a $200 flip cam. HD is best.
  6. Create a Facebook Fan page (normal facebook accounts only host 5000 friends)
  7. open a twitter account with your domain name
  8. open a tubemogul (video) or Ping.FM (blogs) account
  9. Pump out content
  10. Deliver your content through Tubemogul or Ping.FM
  11. Go to Search.twitter for conversations about your passion and reply to them publicly
  12. go to for blogs on your passion and leave comments with your name linked back to your homepage
  13. Search Facebook for content of your passion with “all results”, “pages” and “groups”. Join as many active groups as possible, but keep track of them
  14. Repeat Steps 8 – 13 over and over
  15. do it again
  16. and again

Here are some great examples of social media

  • The Camera Store – (Calgary based international photography community)
  • Stuff My Dad Says – (apparently getting a movie deal…remember Julie & Julia?)
  • Fishing on The Bow –
  • MEC video contest – (social media is about collaboration and creativity)
  • Facebook advertising Fan Page –
  • Youtube Channel Subscriptions –
  • Lainey Gossip – (i’m pretty sure she got a job as a TV host because of this blog)
  • Skiing around Calgary –

By the way, I am learning. and


  1. Hello Marc, great post about the importance of social networking. The hardest part for most people to do is step 15 and 16. Many people give up with posting content and commenting on other websites in their niche. I have been Blogging now for four years and continue each week with various forms of social networking.This week I shot video for the purpose of adding it to my YouTube channel. I wrote two articles for my website and published both articles. After the articles went live, I then added the posts to Digg, Reddit, Simpy, Google Bookmarks, and so on. I tweeted about three or four times informing my followers what I was going to be doing. I checked my RSS feeds to see what my fishing friends were up to and I plan on commenting on a few of my favorite fishing Blogs tomorrow. Social media has become part of my way of getting my passion to many others who love to do what I do. It's work but it will pay off for those who are diligent. Thanks so much for a great Blog Post, I will add your Blog to my RSS feed list to stay in touch with your posts. ~Mike

  2. Thanks Mike for your feedback! I've not used the reddit, simpy or google bookmarks so I'll have to check those ones out.great blog by the way!

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