The Most Revolutionary Consumer Product to Date?

XBox Project Natal

I’m in the market for a new game console.  I’d never really been a gamer, but I played my fair share of Zaxon, Techmo Bowl and Qbert and growing up.  Two years ago, I bought a used Xbox from a friend a and while the sports games are entertaining, I was kind of disappointed with the resolution & image quality of the games which got me thinking about an upgrade.

A few of my friends have PS3s and have been suggesting that I get one so that we can play games online together.   I’d heard of this new infrared sensor type game console about a year ago and thought I should check into when it’s going to be released before buying anything.

I am absolutely blown away by this….As a marketer, think about the possiblities that exist in our future.  This Project Natal and the devices that come after it (location services) will undoubtedly change how future consumers shop….for everything.

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