Crush it by Gary Vanerchuk: presentation notes from The Art of Marketing

  • Gary Started and wine library TV
  • grew to over $60million dollar business.  He’s 33.
  • from ’95-’03 he spent over $4.5 million in marketing (annually?)
  • from ’03 to now he spends about $25,000 (annually?)
  • Liquor laws prohibited mass distribution so he started trying to build his own brand
  • push marketing – pound the message with traditional media
  • Pull Marketing – Social media.  it’s about caring.  You cant buy friends & relationships in online communities.  Your content has to be relevant
  • Content is King.  But Marketing is the Queen that steers the ship
  • Big Box marketing approach is rapidly changing
  • Those businesses that go back to “small town values” will win.  In the small towns as a business owner, you’ve got to hustle, care and understand that people appreciate the bakers dozen price point
  • online relationships are just as real as in person ones
  • he has 850,000 twitter followers
  • the web is just a baby.  it’s only been 15 years since we even had such a thing as email.  Youtube is only 5 years old
  • Virtual Currency:  Facebook Credits ,  Foursquare
  • brands will have to care because word of mouth is now on steroids
  • the truth is undefeated.  doing the right thing is never wrong
  • if you’re trying to reach consumers, you need to have a facebook fan page
  • look at other companies that didn’t adapt.  Zagat is getting killed by Yelp.
  • you need to understand this stuff, play with it, taste it.  get on twitter and facebook and experience these new platforms of communication
  • respect the customer
  • be socially engaged 24/7.  get committed to it. seek out and engage conversations.  give authenitc non-salesy answers.  You don’t need to convince people this is important…find the ones who already believe it is.

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