Brand New World by Max Lenderman: presentation notes from the Art of Marketing

  • Feel the consumer pulse. 
  • trust is at an all time low for both public and private sectors.  consumers want honesty
  • If the world were made of 100 people…57 would be asian, 21 european, 8 african, 5 north american, 12 would speak mandarin as their 1st language, 7 would speak english as their 1st language, 70 would be non-christrian, 70 don’t read, 1 owns a computer
  • consumers are price conscious & brand atheistic
  • he studied how marketing was done in BRIC nations ie. Brazil, Russia, India, China

4 key themes emerged in marketing to BRIC nations

1. Experience

  • 300 million Indians are in the middle class, soon to be 580million
  • most gage their ascention into the middle class with the purchase of a cell phone. [I made it when…]
  • there are approximately 7 million new cell phone activations per month in India
  • in a market as competitive as that, how do you stay ahead?
  • Nokia has created mobile vans to travel out into the rural communities not serviced by TV or Radio.  These vans convert into a stage whereby bollywood type performances relay the message about how great cell phones are and what you can do with them.  This has become the #1 way for Nokia to communicate its message
  • in north amercia, event marketing is huge.  Creating branded experiences and events are proven to dramatically increase the purchase decision and word of mouth
  • ie.  At a time when approval for the war in Iraq is at an all time low and the job description includes the possibility of death, how is it that the army is able to surpass their recruitment objectives? click here to see the virtual army experience .  they’ve got these in malls, amusement parks and mobile locations all around the US
  • Confusious say… tell me an i will forget, show me an i may remember, involve me and I will understand
  • ie. Camp Jeep  Jeep owners have involvement in the brand experience and can share that experience with other users

2. Authenticity

  • anything can be copied except for experiences ie. watches, purses, phones, cars made in china
  • experiences are the driver for authenticity ie. apple store, genius bar
  • The Apple Store is the fastest growing brand concept store since GAP 20 years ago
  • how can it be fake if real people use and recommend their product
  • pop up store is a new trend in retail.  it’s the brand as a living store so you know its real

3. Big Think

  • Rustam Tariko is a russian Oligarch [big time businessman] who started Russian Standard Vodka
  • when it launched, Russians were dying from drinking watered down rubbing alcohol labelled as vodka
  • Rustam chose to position his vodka as the highest quality
  • then the government decided alcoholism was a problem and banned the liquor industry from advertising
  • Rustam wanted to maintain his branding efforts so in response, he opened the Russian Standard Bank.
  • Rustam used the same logo, type set, font size and imagery as if he were still advertising vodka
  • Russian Standard Bank became the largest bank in Russia
  • Other examples of Big Think 7-11 changed to Kwik E Mart for The Simpsons Movie and sold Duff Beer, Bounty opened make a masterpiece stores, Mountain Dew sold game fuel when Halo 3 launched

4. Goodness

  • in some major cities ie. Sao Paulo, billboard advertising is outlawed.  The government felt that the Billboards were to visual pollution that exhaust is to air pollution
  • Nedbank did some good with theirs. Their Power to the People billboard campaign had solar panels on top of the billboard which supplied power to the villages & communities below it
  • other examples are Charmin’s Potty Party Bathroom experience in times square, Tide Loads of Hope Laundry service

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