Switch Presentation Notes by Chip Heath @ The Art of Marketing

– here is a link to another presentation by Chip


The following are the notes I took from Chip’s presentation

  • how do we change things when change is hard?
  • there is an struggle between emotional and analytical motivators that can be explained by the elephant and rider analogy http://www.anecdote.com.au/archives/2010/01/the_mahout_the.html
  • when it comes to change, we need to align the rider (analytical) and the elephant (emotional)
  • to make change There are 3 components 1. we must give direction to the rider. 2. create motivation for the elephant. 3. Shape the Path these two will travel

Rider Direction

  • The rider loves to analyze problems, however focusing on non-productive problems and paralyze the rider & elephant. While the analysis may be valid, it can be T.B.U…true, but useless
  • the key to productive analysis is to find bright spots in any situation, analyze why those bright spots exist and replicate the strategies that let to the bright spot
  • ie. http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/41/sternin.html

Motivate the Elephant

  • how do you make people care about your product/issue?
  • ie. Dont mess with Texas campaign.
  • road litter in Texas was primarily caused by 18-30 year old truck drivers that the state affectionately called “Bubba”
  • the don’t mess with Texas campaign was designed to speak to Bubba using the celebrities he recognized & respected as Texans such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Willie Nelson etc
  • in the 1st year aluminum can litter was down 25% and in 5 years it was down by 75%
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don%27t_Mess_with_Texas
  • to make change you need to grow the elephant

Shape the Path

  • focus on people rather than the situation. In other words, if you tweak the environment the people operate in, you’re more likely to effect change than by expecting people to adapt to your environment
  • ie. Amazon – “buy now with 1 Click” is a registered trademark.
  • ie. Playtex – most women wear the wrong bra size. Playtex put ads in magazines like “O” with encouragement that women can calculate their right bra size in 2 easy steps. Most people now don’t have measuring tapes handy so the ad included a tear away measuring tape
  • 100 calorie food packs – available for calorie counting consumers everywhere

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