Fascinate by Sally Hogshead: presentation notes from the Art of Marketing

  • When competition increases, the more essential fascination becomes.  Since most often, the most fascinating option wins
  • 100 years ago we had 20 minute attention spans.  Today we have an attention span of 9 seconds…which is that of a goldfish
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  • So how do unusual things break through the clutter?
  • fascinating things don’t speak to everybody.  The create an immediate reaction and are polarizing
  • there are 7 triggers to fascination 1. Power 2. Lust 3. Mystique 4. Prestige 5. Alarm 6. Vice 7. Trust
  • imagine these 7 triggers are chemicals in a chemistry set. 
  • Every fascinating brand has their own unique potion
  • Fedex – high on Alarm & Trust
  • Kraft foods – high on Lust & Trust
  • Rachael Ray – high on Lust & Trust
  • Angelina Jolie – high on Lust, Mystique, Alarm, Vice
  • KMart – low levels for all triggers
  • Fascination is different from marketing.  It’s irrational, instintive, innate, irrestistable. 
  • you don’t control fascination, it controls you ie. Jagermeister is one of the fastest growing brands of all time and yet has a very low budget, but an extremely high fascination level
  • In relation to Facebook, they did a survey to find out what status updates are fascinating…and get passed on…they end up being the ones with high amounts of trigger elements
  • In your own marketing, messages are fascinating are like facebook status updates…they’re more likely to be passed on.  This is important since it’s not just about trying to reach your network, but your network’s network. 
  • In otherwords, its not about how many people you reach, but who.
  • when you become your most fascinating, you are at your most inspiring
  • take Sally’s test to find your {F}Score

I got an {F}Score high in Lust & Mystique, low on Alarm.  If you know me, I ‘d love to hear your opinion if this is accurate

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