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This year is different. Gone are the ‘good ole days’ when to be successful here in Calgary, all a business had to do was open their doors. Many of the clients that I speak with that have survived the recession have come out of it with a renewed positivity, a hunger for success and wanting more out of their advertising.

Right now, many of my clients are reviewing their marketing budgets, re-evaluating their past media choices and making some very tough decisions about how to best spend their marketing budgets going forward. Please consider the following article when making your decision. I’m always available to chat at 403-686-9715 or marc.binkley@calgaryradio.rogers.com


just like James Brown was ‘the hardest-working man in showbiz,’ radio is the hardest-working medium in advertising

Advertising is about creating awareness for a brand or service and in order to do so, consumers must be exposed to an ad. Radio increases opportunities for exposure to ads because it accompanies Canadians throughout the day, reaching them anytime, anywhere

Results from the independent Foundation Research study show that more adults report an increase in time spent with radio and the Internet year-over-year than with any other medium.

The intimate nature of radio has a halo effect for advertisers – RAEL study participants believe that companies advertising on ‘their’ station are trustworthy and interested in speaking to them personally.

busy adults often edit their time spent with TV, print and the Internet; radio listening remains unaffected because it doesn’t demand the listener’s time, and it adapts to their lifestyle. BBM reports that radio reaches 81 percent of adults daily

Typical media costs for radio are one-third that of other major media

A 2005 RAEL study examining the effect of adding radio to TV and newspaper advertising found that unaided brand awareness increased 270 percent when radio was added to newspaper and 34 percent when added to TV.

45 percent of adults said a radio ad had prompted them to search the internet, and 35 percent typed an address into their browser after hearing it on the radio.

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