Selling Through a Slump

By most accounts, the recession appears to be behind us now. However, despite turning the corner, there seems to be a lingering “hangover” that is making for a somewhat lethargic business climate. As things pick up heading into the christmas season, I thought this eBook may be helpful to you as a kickstart for your sales process.

You can download this book here

Selling through a Slump contains the best of the best—Top Ten (and more) lists on how to sell in a recessionary market from well-known sales experts like Jill Konrath, Charles Green, and Dave Stein

  • This eBook includes selling advice for the following
    Retail, Public Sector, Insurance, Law, Health, Accounting, Telecommunications, Technology, Services, Media, Manufacturing
  • Each of these top 10 points are expanded on in the actual eBook. For brevity, I only included the titles
  • As you’ll notice, each industry has unique tips, many of which are revelvant and transferable to other industries


  • Managers, get on the sales floor
  • Don’t wait for business to get back to where it used to be.
  • Hold a “talk to our customers” event
  • Distribute a daily insider sheet to your browsers.
  • On busy days, place a manager outside your store
  • Hire sales people to sell, not customer service people
  • Create an invitation-only promo where your customers determine the invitation list.
  • Ask your front-end salespeople where your company is missing opportunities at the store level.
  • New and different sales training can help you weather this new and different selling environment.
  • Teach your employees how to reach out to their personal and family networks


  • It costs less to delight a client than it does to frustrate him.
  • You’ll never be passionate about selling yourself until you start searching for clients you’ll be passionate about serving
  • The most effective way to get new clients is to impress old ones
  • When meeting a potential client, don’t sell your competence, sell your compassion.
  • Recognize that while it is usually easier to ask for new business from prospective clients than it is to ask for more businessfrom current ones, it is rarely more profitable.
  • The most compelling thing you can sell to a prospective client is more sleep.
  • There are (at least) 10 things your clients wish you’d do differently, and I bet you don’t know what they are
  • If your clients can go months without hearing from you, they can go forever without recommending you.
  • Never assume your current clients know all you can do for them
  • The single best sales strategy in the world is to find your best clients and ask them, “How do I get more clients like you?”

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