In Branding, Minority Rules

Although we’d like all the business out there, it’s not possible. I think this article is a great example of how important it is to identify your core business and superserve them. Our stations are a great medium to reach 25-54 year olds in general, but each station has a specific niche within that general group.

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Matthew Norman, food critic of The Sunday Telegraph, nodded politely to the waiting staff as he entered Shepherd’s Restaurant. Aside from being co-owned by Michael Caine, Shepherd’s other claim to fame was its reputation as one of London’s finest restaurants. Norman was looking forward to his meal. What followed next sent shockwaves through the culinary world. Norman hated everything he experienced at Shepherd’s and made this clear in his subsequent review. When the review appeared two weeks later, Richard Shepherd, the other owner of the restaurant, was furious, and threatened legal action, complaining that this “vicious rant” would have a dramatic affect on business. In one sense, Shepherd was absolutely right. His restaurant was suddenly packed everyday for lunch and dinner. While one might have expected Norman’s diabolical review to have sparked a mass exodus, it actually had the opposite effect. How is this possible?

The answer lies in the unique competitive forces that operate within marketing.
Norman’s review created a negative general opinion about Shepherd’s in the minds of millions of consumers.

So what? It also piqued the curiosity of a few hundred consumers to go and try the restaurant. The review also enraged a few hundred loyal Shepherd’s customers, who immediately called to make a reservation to show their support

Marketers should not fall into the PR-induced trap of attempting to make all the people generally happy all the time. Define who your target market is and do all in your power to inspire their love, belief and allegiance.

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