The Wizzard of Ads, Word of Mouth and The Missing Google Analytics Manual

Hi There,
I’ve got a few short articles that I wanted to send today. I hope you find them useful. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions about how I can help you grow your business. 403-686-9715
  • Relevance is what determines whether an ad works or not. Every medium fails when it delivers a message no one cares about. Have you ever run an ad that failed? Let’s see what really happened:

  • Ads that fail in one medium will usually fail in others.

  • The medium is not the message; the message is the message.

  • And the message is what matters most.
  • There are NO magic bullets. When things come fast and easy they leave even easier more quickly.
  • Isn’t word of mouth (”WOM”) free? WOM isn’t exactly free, but it can be. If you want to generate WOM do something remarkable for your customers. After all, WOM is driven by things people can remark on, hence the term remarkable.

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